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Kutch Work Embroidery

Kutch Work Embroidery

Known as 'Sindhi stitch' in earlier days, Kutch Embroidery is used to add gaiety to any fabric. Its long stitches and embossed designs form an all-over design covering the entire surface. These designs are prepared by fixing small round-shaped mirrors to the material with the help of the buttonhole stitch, the outline being sketched by hand. The entire kutch embroidery designs are made with cross-stitches. We offer a complete outfit tailored to client's specific style and needs.

This is the most exquisite and high quality representation of tribal embroidery from the kutch area of Gujarat. The bride brings to her husband’s house a wealth of richly embroidered textiles carefully worked by herself and the women of her family in addition to jewelry and utensils. Each village in Kutch have a distinct style of embroidery and design. This is a very versatile embroidery involving a plenty of stitches to beautify the product like buttonhole , stem, chain, satin, herringbone, open chain stitch, interlacing stitch , Roman Stitch, Surface darning stitch, running stitch etc. .The colors used are bright and vibrant like red, coral, orange, neon green ,indigo, turquoise , pink and purple. The motifs vary from floral, dancing human figures, peacocks to geometrical.

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