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Textile Rubber Printing Blankets

Textile Rubber Printing Blankets

We are engaged in manufacturing of Textile Rubber Printing Blankets.

Types of Printing Blankets:

  • Rubber Printing Blanket
  •  Textile Rubberized Printing Blanket
  •  Nitrile Rubber Printing Blanket
  •  Textile Printing Blanket.
  •  Advance Printing Blanket
  •  Textile Rubber Printing Blanket


Advantae of advance endless rubber blanket:

  • Flexibility, reliability, uniformity, Polyester Carcass ... the endless ADVANCE Printing Blankets is conceived and developed by ADVANCE for textile printing for Flatbed, Rotary and Roller printing machines.
  • Advance Printing Blanket is processed out of blends of Polyester and high strength prestretched cotton and selected rubber which had proven effective over many years.
  • The internal carcass of blanket is a blend of Polyester and Prestreched cotton fabrics; gives the blanket necessary mechanical strength to give a very low linear extension when mounted on the machine.

  • The outer coating is especially formulated to resist solvents and chemical products used in textile printing.

  • ADVANCE is the only Indian manufacturer who possessed the production and application technology of endless printing blanket using Polyester Carcass.


Multilayer Compressible Structure: - The Advance Printing Blanket due to its multilayer structure is stable and compressible. The compressibility of Advance Blanket is obtained due to its complex structure, which has alternate combination of rubber and fabric plies.

Printing Surfaace:

  • Advance Printing Blanket has printing surface with smooth synthetic rubber. Due to the rubber compound specially formulated, printing surface is resistance to all solvents and chemical products used in printing. The rubber surface has high resistance to abrasion by brushes.
  • Excellent affinity for all thermoplastic, permanent adhesives, results in optimal gluing to the surface.
  • The rubber surface used is resistant up to a temperature of 70' C these by minimizing risk of damage.


The thickness of Advance Rubber Blanket can be measured to a tolerance of + 0.1 mm at any point. The controlled thickness of the blanket fineness and uniformity of printing.


The seamless joint of Advance Printing Blanket is absolutely homogeneous and does not give any mark even in case of fine materials.


Top Cover material High Nitrile Rubber
Top side Colour Glossy Black
Printing Side Surface Glossy Smooth
Running Side Colour Off White
Operating Temperature 70' C max.
Thickness 2.8 + 0.1 mm

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