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Homeopathic Medicines (Dr.Willmar Schwabe, Germany)

Homeopathic Medicines (Dr.Willmar Schwabe  ...

With the help of our innovative technology, we have been able fabricate unique range of Homeopathic Medicines using accurate composition of components. Under the brand name Dr. Willmar Schwabe, Germany, our collection is widely appreciated in both national and international markets.


Our effective collection consists of:

Alfalfa Tonic A general body building tonic, recommended for fatigue, want of appetite, nervousness as a result of anxiety, worry and overwork.
Angioton Hypotensive symptom complex inclusive of orthostatic circulation troubles. Vaso and cardiotonic before and after operations, circulation troubles from nicotine abuse, heart troubles of ' adolescence. It restores the blood pressure 6 boosts the circulatory system
Biofungin Anemia, exhaustion, want 1 of appetite; for convalescents.
Bryorheum Rheumatic diseases such as muscular and articular rheumatism; rheumatic pains accompanying colds, lumbago
Cineraria Maritima A great help in the beginning Schwabe of cataract and corneal opacity. As a prophylactic, it has saved many persons from painful surgical operations.
Damiaplant Insufficient libido, impotence, neurasthenia, nervous exhaustion, all types of conditions involving weakness.
Enuroplant Bed-wetting, incontinence of urine, irritation and inflammation of bladder.
EssentiaAurea Chronic Myasthenia of the heart and dysfunction of the circulation, mild forms of hypertension with cardiac disorders; angina complaints and cardiac dyspnea.
Essentia Infanta To encourage growth and as strengthening tonic for children. It makes dentition easier and keeps children in the best of health.
Gastrobin Hyperacidity, heartburn, inflammatory gastric complaints; and nervously irritable stomach.
Phytolacca Berry Tablets Regulation of fat metabolism, reduction of obesity and maintenance of weight without weakness.
Tonsiotren Acute and chronic inflammations of the tonsils and of the accessory sinuses of the nose.
Viropect Whopping cough and convulsive forms of cough, especially of children.
Influvit Colds, influenzal infections; catarrhs of the upper respiratory tract; as a preventive treatment for influenza.
Klimaktolan The proven and well tolerated therapy for menopause
Mullein Oil Earache, Ottitis media. defective hearing, tinnitus

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