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Homeopathic Medicines (Dr.Willmar Schwabe, India)

Homeopathic Medicines (Dr.Willmar Schwabe  ...

With the assistance of our professionals, we formulate wide assortment of Homeopathic Medicine using accurate composition. These medicines are ideal to cure various diseases such as Muscular Aches, Pains, Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Scalds, Vesicles, Sunburns and other problems. Our range offer maximum relief to the users.


Our collection of medicines includes:

Topi Arnica Muscular Aches. Pains, Sprains, Bruises
Topi Berberis Acne. Pimples, Dermatitis
Topi Heal Antiseptic Healing Cream for Cuts, Wounds, Bruises, Bed Sores
Topi Cantharis Burns, Scalds, Vesicles, Sunburns
Topi Sulphur Ami fungal, Anti microbial, Ami septic Cream, Reduces Itching
Topi MP Muscular, Rheumatic, Sciatica Pains
In addition to this we also offer medication for children such as the following:
Anekind Effectively corrects anemia by helping better absorption and maintenance of hemoglobin
Calciokind Effectively helps not just absorption but also the utilization and maintenance of calcium
Chamodent Ensures trouble - free teething and also calms the child
Colikind Effectively tackles abdominal pain simple, spasmodic or with cramps
Enukid The clinically proven therapy for bedwetting caused due to psychosomatic factors, weakness and UTI infections
Kindigest For prompt and effective relief from digestive problems in children
Kindival Effectively regulates sleep by calming the patient
Luffakind Effectively controls allergic manifestations stimulates body defence system
Munostim Activates defence mechanism and immune system prevents pronenessto repeated attacks of illness
Nisikind Effectively controls common respiratory problems and provides a sense of wellbeing
Rinikind Effectively relives rhinitis and associated symptoms of sneezing, nasal discharge and watery eyes
Tussikind The proven therapy for prompt and effective relief from cough and congestion

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