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Kalonji Oil - Black Seed Oil Hebbet el Beraka Oil

Kalonji Oil - Black Seed Oil Hebbet el ...
Kaloji Oil Cures Every Disease Exept Death Says Prophet Mohammed (Saw). VERY GOOD for your GENERAL HEALTH - Amenorrhoea, amnesia, asthma, bronchitis, diabetes mellitus, diarrhoea, headache, hyperacidity, hypertension, indigestion, jaundice, kidney stone, lassitude, lethargy, hair loss, piles, rheumatism, convalescence, cough, eczema, palpitation, general debility, stomach-ache, common cold, liver dysfunction, fevers, lack of appetite, cardiovascular disorders, arthritis, biliousness, suppressed post-partum lactation, migraine, premature greying of hair, weakness of eyesight, colic, psoriasis. Product Description: The oil is used in allergies, colds and fevers. It is also useful in a wide variety of other diseases and conditions including bilious ailments, cancer, colic, corns, eruptions, headaches, jaundice, myrmecia, sclerosis, stomach-ache, swellings, warts and tumours of the abdomen and eyes. For upper respiratory conditions, at least a few of its constituents have shown an antihistamine like action which explains its positive effects for upper respiratory diseases including asthma, bronchitis, cough and flu. The oils of the seed increase milk flow in nursing mothers which explains its use as a galactagogue and also promote menstrual periods. It also has a positive effect on liver diseases.

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Packaging Details : A pack contains 100ml Kalonji Oil.

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