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Gold Testing Machine

Gold Testing Machine


Hardware uniqueness:

meet the most stringent radio protection standard at the same time with summary samples of placement and supplies to replace mode. probes indicators high, performance, long life; a new 32 - bit hardware and software system, reliable, efficient; equipped with high - definition of the camera positioning system measurement of more intuitive, convenient, fast. Configure fixed samples with multi-spindle to stair wheel.


Exf7800 in the exf7200 platform on the integrated industrial - level computer, upgrade the display screen and circuit structure, no longer required computer, seers Professional, with a multi-node pre-boot installations and real-time monitoring system; with the door locks, day-to-day management of the more convenient; retro - fitting of automatic protection against radiation leak installations, the initiative of the guaranteed safety; with electric open cover, order test easier.

Fires source: mo cibles to an x-ray tube cooling (no radiation)
measuring point size: 1 - 2 mm
Samples room: long 400 mm × width: 300mm ¡ñ high: 0 - 90 mm samples enlarge imaging system
Software: menu software, hardware parameters adjustment and data assessment and calculation
Your computer: Select configuration
Detectors: fixed semiconductor, gas proportional counter, microprocessor control of detectors and read out circuit
Other specifications:
voltage: 100 - 127 or 200 - 240, 50 / 60 Hz
The most powerful: 80 kg
The most bigger size: 500mm * 500mm * 400mm
Weight: 48kg
Technology indicators
Analysis Area: 0.3% to 99.99 percent
Measuring Time: Selective
measurement accuracy: ± 0.1%
a test environment: Normal, Air, Gas
The profiling element: AU, AG, PT, Pb, RH, Cu, Zn, RU, Ni, Cd,
X-ray source: x ray tubes
Tube Power : 4 - 50kv
Analysis: multi-channel simulation
operating system: windows2000/Me/XP
plating surveying:
a nominal thickness scope < 30μm
measurable element types: AU, AG, PT, PD, RH, Cu, Zn, RU, Ni, Cd
maximum measure the number of tiers: 5 layer
Measuring precision: 0.03μm

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