Last Updated: 13 Jan, 2015

Flush Pin Gauges

Flush Pin Gauges
Our range of Flush Pin Gauges is used for checking the position of a center pin in a coaxial connector. These gauges include housing, a fitting on one end of the housing for attaching to a coaxial connector and a gauge pin sliding placed within the housing for engaging the center pin of the coaxial connector.

When the gauge is inserted over the conductor spring within the coaxial connector, the gauge pin engages the center pin and causes it to be moved longitudinally to the housing.
There is a gauging apparatus, placed at the opposite end of the housing which determines the position of an end of the gauge pin extending through the housing to the depth of the pin below the top of the conductor spring.

The gauging apparatus comprises a marker which has a width corresponding to the tolerance allowed for the depth of the center pin.  The benefit of this is that even if the end of the gauge pin falls within the marker width, the conductor is still attached.

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