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Maintenance Aerosol Products

Maintenance Aerosol Products

promtech chemicals pvt ltd offers a very wide range of industrial aerosol products. All these aerosols are extremely usedful for complete and total maintenance requirements of industries , during routine working and especially during shut down operations. These include , instant drying clear lacquer aerosol sprays used for anti-corrosion, water repellance , lubricants , nut bolt loosners sprays , dye , developer and cleaner for crack detections , mold release sprays , anti-spatter sprays for obtaining very clean welds and for weld gun tip cleaning, zircon-moly lube sprays , ptfe lubricant sprays , mold coating paint sprays , peel off lacquers / strippable pvc coating sprays, paint varnish and surface coating remover sprays, rusr prveventives and so on.  


promtech also offers touch up sprays for powder coatigs , all popular industrial and ral shades are available ex stock. Customer shades are also developed with the help of k-5 spectro-photometer. These are the most modern methods of salvaging the defective , scatched and damaged powder coating  / liquid painting.  promtech offers metallic finishes such as , aluminium, copper & brass sprays for finishing and decorating  articles and antiques articles for preservation of extra gloss and protection against fading and corrosion. Promtech offer fast drying wood varnish aerosol sprays in amber colour and different stains for excellent finish and touch-up polish for all wooden furniture items. These clear fast drying lacquers are also offered in 5 / 30 / 50 litres packings , and can be used by conventional spray methods or by electrostatic spray.


we also offer aerosol self spray paints in 400 ml aerosol cans. promtech aerosol paints are excellent, very quick drying paints. These are mainly used for touch-up and reworking  applications and for the purpose of maintenance. These paints are available in 400 ml self spray aerosol cans packings for rs 130 to rs 180 + mst ex our works and are extremely convenient for use on on-site paints & touch-up jobs. Promtech aerosol paints are strongly recommended for sign-boards and hoardings, exhibition panels, portable cabins and exhibition stalls, automobile garages, automobile show-rooms, pre-delivery inspection & despatch sections in any automobile factory, steel & wrought iron furniture, electrical fixtures manufacturing plants, home appliances, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, water heaters,  engineering machinery manufacturers; switch boards & control panels manufacturing, ship building and ship repairs, architectural aluminium,  powder coating & painting plants etc. The paint will touch-dry within 10 min.  


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