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Ratanjot (Jatropha Curcas)

Ratanjot (Jatropha Curcas)


Jatropha is also called as Ratanjot, Chandrajot, Videshi Arend, Jungli Arend, Bagh Arend etc. It is very profitable crop. It can be 
cultivate in stony, slopy, sandy soil and in lowland.

It is the crop of double benefits because it has medicinal as well as industrial value. The seeds of Jatropha produce 30%-40% oil that will be the substitute for diesel. Railway department will use the Jatropha Oil. It is obvious that in coming days the demand of Jatropha oil will increase and it will be a great advantage for the farmers. The Railway minister has announced in the parliament about the use of Jatropha oil in Railway department. Therefore farmers should cultivate Jatropha for the future benefits.

 There are many advantages from the cultivation of Jatropha: (1) It can be planted on the useless boarders of the field. (2) Since it has to be planted in field at the distance of 2X2 Mtr. hence farmer can cultivate other crops like Ashwagandha, Sarpagandha, Safed Musli, Ginger, Turmeric etc. in the interspaces. (3) The depended plant crops like Kaunch, Karela, Kalihari, Giloy can also be taken in the interspaces. (4) Animals, cattle's like cow, buffalo, Ship, Goat, Camels neither eat nor destroys this crop. It doesn't affects by any kind of diseases also. (5) It is a multiyear crop, which produces continuously for 40-50 years. (6) The Jatropha Seeds can be stored for long time without any problem.


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