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Entero Quinol (Quiniodochlor Tablets)

Entero Quinol (Quiniodochlor Tablets)
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Entero Quinol is a direct amoebicidal and antibacterial agent which chemically and pharmacologically closely resembles diiodohydroxyquinoline.



Entero Quinol  is effective in the treatment of acute and chronic amoebic dysentery, colitis.


Hypersensitivity to the drug or iodine, hepatic damage or pre-existing optic neuropathy.

Adverse Reactions

Optic neuritis, optic atrophy and peripheral neuropathy are reported to occur with high dosage for prolonged period. Other side effects that may occur, though rarely, include anal irritation, transient abdominal discomfort, etc.


Rash may appear during therapy with Entero Quinol when the drug should be discontinued. Safe use during pregnancy and lactation has not been established.


Adults :2 tablets thrice daily after meals for 10 days or as directed by the physician.

To be repeated after an interval of 8 days.

Children :Proportionate to the adults.


Strips of 20 tablets.



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