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Soap And Detergent Machinery Plants

Soap And Detergent Machinery Plants


We manufacture Soap and Detergent Machinery Plants that are generally used for laundry soap, toilet soap and soap from soap noodles. Our organization offers complete plant on turnkey basis with a know-how to manufacture soap from soap noodles, palm oil and fatty acid. Following are the machines that we offer on turnkey basis:


  • Sigma mixer
  • Pelletizer
  • Three Roll Mill
  • Three Roll Mill Straight
  • Conveyors
  • Duplex Plodder
  • Disc Cutter
  • Reciprocating Cutting Machine
  • All others related machinery


Laundry Soaps:


Process:- Soap Pan


  • This process is a soap pan manual process in which two types of vegetable oil
  • Such as palm oil fatty or any types of two oils mixed as per requirements of percentage and requires constant stirring.
  • Saponification pan is heated at the bottom by means of steam, wood
  • Diesel firing can also be provided
  • Add caustic lye as per required needs with constant stirring and then boil the mixture is continuously stirred for homogeneous mixing with help of crutches
  • Boiling is carried out till complete neutralization is obtained
  • For completion of process about at 8 hours required
  • The soap is then taken to drying section for further process


Drying Process:


  • Soap obtained after Saponification consists very high portion of water
  • Water is removed by drying soap
  • Soap mixture is dropped in molding box that dries about 24 hours


Chipping Process:


  • Dried soap from molding takes out for manual cutting and cuts in pieces
  • For quicker drying the the soap is made into soap chips on a soap chipping machine
  • The chips are dried in open air if the requirement of soap is less
  • If the requirement is more the soap is dried in ovens


Sigma Mixer:


  • Sigma Mixer is used to mix soap noodles or soap chips with perfume, color and other additives
  • Sigma Mixer has two shafts
  • The shafts have Z shaped stainless steel blades rotating in two troughs of Sigma Mixer
  • The blades are rotating at different speed for maximum efficiency and homogenization
  • Mixed materials after mixing for about 10 to 15 minutes charge mechanism or by tilting the mixture
  • Sigma mixer is such that it gives better mixing and crushing of soap noodles hence the mixing is fast and homogeneous


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