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Automatic Shirodhara Unit

Automatic Shirodhara Unit

With the understanding of the importance of shirodhara treatment and to surmount the limitations of traditional methodology, we offer automatic shirodhara unit (asu). It is an electronic & digitally controlled fully integrated device that provides smooth functioning and offers optimum results. Our product is capable of revolutionizing traditional ayurveda therapy shirodhara with the use of advanced technology. Some striking features of our products are:


  • Portable
  • Easy to install
  • Microprocessor based digital temperature regulator for precision
  • Digital timer for accuracy. Asu sets the time desirable time perfectly
  • Constant flow regulator
  • Noiseless
  • Augments the efficacy of the treatment
  • Makes shirodhara enjoyable in a more relaxed way
  • User-friendly
  • Compatible with different viscous fluids

Direction for use:

  • Assemble the base unit and head unit according to the instructions.
  • Adjust the height of head unit flow outlet, standard height is four fingers from fore head of person lying down on massage table, so fix the head unit according to forehead
  • Fill the shirodhara fluid (oil/buttermilk/milk) in the container of base unit
  • Fix the outlet pipe of massage table to top outlet of container of base unit
  • Select temperature required for particular fluid, wait for while until the fluid reaches the selected temperature. ,
  • Select time required according to condition.
  • Switch on the head unit
  • Lets then enjoy ‘asu’ shirodhara
  • After finishing the acquired time of shirodhara, recollect the fluid from massage table through the outlet into the container
  • If you want to remove or change the fluid from container, turn the outlet knob on of the base unit and collect the fluid in one another container.
  • Switch it off

Post care & maintenance:

  • Drain out the fluid from the container by turning the drain knob of base unit
  • With the help of the cloth or sponge wipe out the remaining fluid from the container
  • Close the drain knob and put one liter of warm soap water. Switch on the unit for 5minutes so that remaining fluid will get washed out.
  • Turn the drain out knob on and drain the soap water
  • Again clean it with cloth or sponge

Quantity : 1 Piece
Production Capacity : 100
Delivery Time : 1 week
Packaging Details : Specially design Package

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