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Sherwani (Singh is King)

Sherwani (Singh is King)
Bollywood affects our lifestyle in many ways. Recently released bollywood movie singh is king featured akshay kumar in a distinct type of sherwani with a westernised influence. The sherwani style depicted in this bollywood movie has created a buzz all around. It has given rise to a new style of sherwani, popular as singh is king sherwani.

You can easily notice a good number of youth in the country attired in this sherwani on a variety of occasions, be it a festive celebration, a family get-together or any other cultural celebration. Singh is king sherwani has its own unique identity and provides you with an exclusive style statement.

while most of the other sherwanis go beyond the knee, the singh is king sherwani is made only up to the knee. The knee-length singh is king sherwani is worn with pants or trousers. But depending upon your individual preference and level of comfort, you can also choose to wear either a dhoti or a salwar with this sherwani. If you go with trousers or pants, which are the general style trend, you need to wear a pair of pointed jutis. With dhoti or salwar, a pair of round shaped jutis fits best.

the singh is king sherwani features a beautifully designed wide collar. The rear of the collar has the shape of a betel leaf, pointing towards the upper side. Exclusive hand work embroidery adorns the collar and imparts an elegant look to the sherwani. If you choose so, you can also select a designer collar, available in a variety of shades and design patterns. If you have a pre-decided pattern in mind and wish the same on the collar, you can ask us to tailor it to your specific requirements.

a light colour stole is an essential part of the singh is king sherwani. Mostly, the stole that you wear with this sherwani is made of rajasthani bandhej fabric. It is a special kind of fabric which is prepared with a beautiful nodal arrangement. The stole can also be made of tissue crush, liked by a lot of people. You have the option of choosing the stole from a range of other fabric. Discuss with us and we will provide you with the best option that matches your body type and goes with your mood.

a singh is king sherwani is never complete without a well embroidered turban. Both light weight and heavy weight turbans are available to be worn with this sherwani. The light weight turban is made with foam while the heavier one has a 'gatta' inside it which increases its weight and makes it look more royal. Embroidery work on the turban includes various types of hand work including stone work, dabka work etc. If you don't like dense embroidery work, there are plain turbans available as well.

Should you have any doubt about the types of fabric used, range of embroidery patterns or shades available, you can always get in touch with us. At sherwani store. Com, we really mean to transform your personality and give you a uniquely elegant look that sets you apart from others. Tell us now and we will design the singh is king sherwani as per your specific tastes and requirements.

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