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Part Used: ROOTS

Botanical Name : Piper Longum (Root)

English Name : Pepper ROOT

Sanskrit / Indian Name : Piparamool ghat/ Piplamool


t is a native of North East India. Globally the species is distributed in the Indo-Malesian region and SriLanka. Within India its presence is reported from the lower hills of Central to Eastern Himalayas as well as Western Ghats of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The fruit and root of Pippali is used in the form of powder to treat fever, diarrhoea, piles, cough, hiccough, asthma, hoarseness of voice, consumption, flatulence, , colic, vomiting, acid gastritis, u, oedema, , pox, diseases of mouth, eye diseases, diseases of semen, diseases of women, intrinsic haemorrhage, jaundice, , dentition, and earache.Fever

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