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Dramix Fibres

Dramix Fibres

We provide Dramix fibers, which are manufactured by gluing together bundles of fibers. These bundles of wires ensure a homogenous pattern so that it could easily be added to the truck mixer and the batching plant.


Our Features are:


  • Dramix steel WME for high tensile.
  • Mechanical anchorage (hooks) at the ends for optimal pull-out resistance


Construction Advantages:


Dramix fibers have prominent constructional advantages which make it a better option than a wire mesh. Some of them are:

  • Less time consuming placing of the mesh.
  • Reinforcement always in the right point.


Economical Advantages:


There are lots of economical advantages which come with Dramix fibers. Some of them being:

  • The use of Dramix reinforce concrete lessens the construction time of the floor when compared to that of the mesh reinforcement.
  • Thickness of the floor can be lessened by using Dramix steel fibers.
  • Dramix steel fibers with a high l/d ratio bring about economic solutions when compared to other types of steel fibers.
  • The Dramix steel fiber floor brings about the best cost to performance ratio.


Technical Advantages:

The technical advantages of Dramix fibers out run other products for the following reasons:


  • An increase in loading capacity due to the redistribution of stresses.
  • Reinforcement throughout the depth offers excellent crack control.
  • Optimal resistance against impact and dynamic loads.
  • Joint spacing can considerably be increased.

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