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Baibrang(embelia Ribes)

Baibrang(embelia Ribes)
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Sanskrit: Vidanga English: Embella  Botanical: Embelia ribes, Embelia Indica, Embelia Glandulifera, Embelia Robusta  Hindi: Baibrang, Wawrung  Telugu: Vayuvidangalu  Common names: Vidanga, Viranga,Chitratandoola, Vayuvilangam, Vizhal, Vrishanasana,Vayivilangam, Varading, Tandula, Vara, Vilal, bhasmaka  Family name: Myrsinaceae  2. Parts used:
Berries (fruit)LeavesRootBark3. Properties and Action According to Indigenous Medical Systems:
Rasa: SpicyVeerya: Ushna veerya.4. Uses:
The nature of the herb is alterative, anthelmintic, carminative and stimulant.Good remedy for abdominal disorders and constipation.It cures the problems like gas, indigestion.Recommended for fungus infections.This remedy also applicable for head ache, heart disease, insanity and hemorrhoids.It removes tape worms from stomach.The combination of honey and the powder of Vidanga clears the germs-Charaka.

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