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Jute Silk Combination Sarees

Jute Silk Combination Sarees

Indian Textile is famous basically for its uniqueness and style. Fabrics from diverse raw materials form-to-life umpteen numbers of wear catering to the needs of man. The most famous among them is Applique. Applique is a decorative work in which one piece of cloth is sewn or fixed onto another or the activity of decorating.Phulkari is generally made on shawls using the darn stitch to attach pieces of cloth onto the surface of the shawl. Apart from flowers, stylized figures of animals and plants are also used. Silk thread is generally used in creating phulkari, though occasionally cotton thread is also put in use. In Andhra Pradesh, the blouses and headscarves worn by the Banjara tribal women are not only embroidered but also decorated with applique and mirror work. The most ethnic and traditionally designed textiles have also found a place in the fashion circles abroad as well as in India.


No matter what the style or the fashion is Sari continues to be the best Indian textile and the silk weaving tradition in India revolves around sari, as it is the choice of most women in rural and urban India.The Silk no doubt is the best kind of clothe from India even though China enjoyed greater popularity in producing it. In association with ceremonial rites of ancient India, Silk has been a highly revered fabric. Silk was popular not just among ordinary people but also the Royal clan. The silk sari was the next attraction.

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