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Bag Sealing Machine

Bag Sealing Machine

We hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying Bag Sealing Machine. We offer wide range of bags sealing, pouch sealing and other sealing machines.

  • Foot Operated Sealing Machines suitable for wide width linear and regular bags for strong sealing application and sealing may up to 10 mm. Suitable for any heat sealing materials. Sealing by accurate electronic control seal thick HDPE, aluminum foil bags, plastics, laminated paper bags. Sealing length from 8” to 40”, sealing width 3 mm to 15 mm, power 500W–1400W, voltage supply: 220V 
  • Impulse Sealing Machine suitable for pouch sealing. tea bag, confectionery wafers, snacks, namkeen etc of various material such as various packages of plastics materials like PP, PE, LD, and BOPP etc.
  • Hand Sealer for manual bag sealing applications. Auto power & heat cut–off features, saves electricity and protect operator from electric shock. Seal completion buzzer & light indicator. Adjustable electronic timer which is very easy to use and takes only 2 second times to seal the bags.
  • Portable Tong Sealing Machine unit can be taken to the object to be sealed. Sealing possible at difficult angles, provision for belt to suspend from shoulder or ceiling, adjustable electronic visual indication during sealing and audio at end of sealing. Ideal for heavy duty plastic bags mattresses..

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