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Power Saver

Power Saver

This power savers adopts the latest  and high efficient techniques of germany. Power Savers is what you call Synchronous condensers. Most motor loads in our house are Inductive loads, like pumps, fans, mixers etc. Even Air Conditioners and Refrigerators are inductive loads. The power factor of Inductive loads is lagging and synchronous condensers supply a reactive power factor and help nullify the effect.

So We See in Theory Synchronous Condensers do Save Power: -

  • Power Saver Uses State Of The Art Electrical Technology To Actively Monitor And Improve The Power Factor Of Your Household Appliances
  • In Addition, The Intelligent Technology Optimizes The Voltage And Current Demand Thus Reducing The Active Power/Kwh Demands And Achieves Up To 40% Savings On Your Electricity Bill.
  • It Also Acts As A Voltage Stabilizer By Storing Energy For Up To 10 Seconds And Therefore Supplies Load With Proper Voltage During Momentary Power Surges.
  • This In Turn Results To Longer Lifespan Of The Electrical Appliances.

One Step Installation: Just Plug The Power Saver In Any 250volts Electrical Outlet In Your Home Or Office.

For Single Phase Connection: 1 Unit, Two Phase Connection - 2 Units, Three Phase Connection - 3 Units

Benefits Of Power Saver: Reduce Your Electricity Bill Up To 40%, Easy To Use, No Wiring Required, Maintenance Free, Improve Electrical Efficiency And Power Factor, Reduce Electrical Overheating Rapid Return On Investment, Reduce Power Loss,Fully Compliant With Safety Standards, Stabilize The Supply Voltage, Environmentally Friendly, Fully Compliant To European Safety Standards.

Suitable For Use in: Homes, Shops, Restaurant, Office.

Technical Parameter: Rated

Voltage: 90volts -250 Volts, Rated Frequency : 50hz-60hz,N,

Load Capacity: 15000 Watts/ 30 Amperes

Product Features :-

  • Saves Energy Efficiently

  • Instant Monetary Savings

  • Reduces Electricity Bills  up to 40 %

  • Prolongs the Life Span of Appliances

  • Reduces Electrical Overheating

  • Improves Power Factor

  • Reduces wastage of electricity

  • Easy to use & maintenance free

  • Stabilizes electrical current

  • Provides surge protection

  • Environment friendly

  • Fully compliant with safety standards

  • 100 % Legal

  • No Installation - Just Plug & Play

  • 12 Months Warranty

  • 10 % to 40 % Electricity Saving

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