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Calcium Carbide

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Calcium Carbide

Offering Calcium carbide, calcium carbide chemical name, molecular formula CaC2, synthetic organic chemical industry's basic raw material, the use of calcium carbide as raw material for synthesis of a series of organic compounds, for industry, agriculture, medicine and to provide raw materials. Industrial calcium carbide calcium carbide is the main component, the rest is free lime, carbon and silicon, magnesium, iron, aluminum compounds and a small amount of the phosphide, sulfide. Acetylene important chemical raw materials. Preparation of acetylene from the carbide is widely used in metal welding and cutting. The chemical properties of calcium carbide is very lively. Decomposition of acetylene gas heated water and calcium hydroxide, and the evolution of considerable heat. Nitrogen reacts with the calcium cyanamide.

(1) calcium carbide and water, the reaction of acetylene to synthesis of many organic compounds, such as: synthetic rubber, artificial resins, acetone, ketene, carbon black, etc.; an oxygen acetylene flame also widely used in metal welding and cutting.
(2) heating powdered calcium carbide and nitrogen, the reaction of calcium cyanamide, that is, lime nitrogen, heating lime reaction of nitrogen and salt used to melt the gold mining and cyanide-ferrous metals industry.
(3) calcium carbide can be used in the steel industry itself, the desulfurization agent.
(4) after a fire resulting combustible gas can lighting.

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