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Safi Syrup

Safi Syrup
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Safi is a composition of many useful herbs. It actually spurs the system on to start elimination of the accumulated morbid matter through the intestines, kidneys and skin, and corrects their functions. Another good thing about Safi is that it’s useful for both male and female, and for all ages.

Ingredients :
Seena( Cassia angustifolia),Turbud(Operculina turphetum),Gulab(Rosa damascena),Burada sheesham(Dalbergia sissoo),Sandal surkh(Pterocarpus santalinus),Harar(Terminalia chebula),Narkachoor(Zingiber zerumbet),Chirata(Swertia chirata),Gilo(Tinospora cordifolia),Burge kasaundi(Cassia occidentalis),Mundi(Sphaeranthus indicus),Nilkanti(Chrozophora plicata),Shahtra(Fumaria perviflora),Kachnal(Bauhinia racemosa),Neem(Azadirachta indica),Burge tulsi(Ocimum sanctum),Zarambad(Curcuma zedoria),Darhold(Berberis aristata) and many more.

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