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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Parking Deck PU Coatings

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Parking Deck PU Coatings

Offering Parking Deck PU Coatings.

Neoshoeld PU deck system is a complete parking solution to provide an aesthetic, abrasion-resistant floor topping to the concrete parking decks such as mult-level parking's, basement parking, podium parking etc.

It is a state-of-the-art technology to provide word-class ambiance in an other-wise drab parking lots.

Neoshoeld PU deck system finds use in the following areas:

o Residential multi-storey parking decks

o Basement parking lots in malls, departmental stores etc

o Podium parking areas

o Multi-level parking lots in airports etc

>> Neoshoeld PU deck system has the following unique characteristics:

§ Ant-skid flooring surface giving an excellent aesthetic look

§ Resists penetration of oil, petrol, grease, water etc into the concrete

§ Washable and cleanable easily

§ Muffles noise arising out of wheels turning and braking

§ Protects concrete

§ With navigation line marking, increases aesthetic value of parking lots.

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