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EPS-03 Modern Indian Political Thought

EPS-03 Modern Indian Political Thought
Book is available in English & Hindi Medium


Block- 1 Background of Social and Political Thought
Unit-1 Colonial Intervention in Society, Economy and Polity
Unit-2 Modern Indian Political Thought : Issues and Approaches
Block- 2 Socio-Political Reform in the 19th Century India
Unit-3 Introduction
Unit-4 Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Unit-5 Justice M.G. Ranade
Unit-6 Gopal Krishna Gokhale
Block- 3 Militant Nationalism
Unit-7 Introduction
Unit-8 B.G. Tilak
Unit-9 Sri Aurobindo
Unit-10 Bhagat Singh
Block- 4 Colonialism, Caste Order and the Tribal Societies
Unit-11 Colonialism, Caste Order and Tribal Movements
Unit-12 Jyotiba Phule (1827-1890)
Unit-13 E. V. Ramaswami Naicker
Unit-14 Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
Unit-15 Anti-Colonial Tribal Movements In India
Block- 5 Politics and Religion in Modern India: The Interface
Unit-16 Introduction
Unit-17 Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Swami Vivekananda and V.D. Savarkar
Unit-18 Sir Syed and Ahmed Khan, Mohammad Iqbal, M.A. Jinnah and Abdul Kalam Azad
Block- 6 Gandhism: Evolution and Character
Unit-19 Concept of Swaraj, Satyagraha and Critique of Western Civilization
Unit-20 Sarvodaya and the Gandhian Alternative
Unit-21 Gandhian Social Reform : Bhudan Movement
Block- 7 Nationalism and Social Revolution-I (Socialism)
Unit-22 Introduction
Unit-23 Jawaharlal Nehru
Unit-24 Subhash Chandra Bose
Unit-25 Political Thought of JP and Narendra Dev
Unit-26 Rammanohar Lohia
Block- 8 Nationalism and Social Revolution Ii (Communists)
Unit-27 Introduction
Unit-28 Communists and the Indian National Movement (1925-47)
Unit-29 M.N. Roy - Marxism and Radical Humanism
Unit-30 Contemporary Marxist Thinking (Indian)
Unit-31 Nationalism and Social Revolution - An Overview
1. Solution Paper - June 2006
2. Solution Paper - Dec 2006
3. Solution Paper - June 2007
4. Solution Paper - Dec 2007
5. Solution Paper - June 2008
6. Solution Paper - Dec 2008
7. Solution Paper - June 2009
8. Solution Paper - Dec 2009
9. Solution Paper - June 2010
10. Solution Paper - June 2011
11. Question Paper - Dec 2011
12. Solution Paper - June 2012
13. Question Paper - Dec 2012
14. Question Paper - Dec 2013
15. Question Paper - June 2014
16. Question Paper - Dec 2014

EPS-03 Modern Indian Political Thought
Rs. 140 (Minimum Discount 40%)
and Postage Charges Extra
No.of Pages: 245
Author : Neetu Sharma
ISBN : 978-93-81690-21-5.

EPS-03 Modern Indian Political Thought In Hindi Medium
Rs. 130 (Minimum Discount 40%) and Postage Charges Extra
No. of Pages : 213
Author : Neetu Sharma, Vimla Devi
ISBN : 978-93-81638-95-8.

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