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MEG-10 English Studies in India

MEG-10 English Studies in India
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Chapter-1 Institutionalization of English Studies in India
Unit-1 Entry of English: A Historical Overview
Unit-2 Macaulay, Raja Ram Mohun Roy and Charles E Trevelyan
Unit-3 A View of Post Independence Debates
Unit-4 Settling Down of English as Studies and Medium
Chapter-2 Beginnings of Indian English Writing
Unit-1 The Context of the Earliest Indian English Writings
Unit-2 Henry Louis Vivian Derozio and the Early Voice of Identity
Unit-3 Michael Madhusudan Dutt and the Evolution of Modernity
Unit-4 Toru Dutt: Assertions of Indian Life
Chapter-3 Beginnings of The Indian English Novel
Unit-1 The Contexts of Bankim
Unit-2 Themes in Rajmohan’s Wife-I
Unit-3 Themes in Rajmohan’s Wife-II
Unit-4 Marriage and Transgression in Bankim’s Other Novels
Chapter-4 Different Englishes
Unit-1 Evolution of English
Unit-2 Nativisation of English in Post Independent India (Functions of English)
Unit-3 Nativisation of English Discourse: Syntax, Morphology, Phonology
Unit-4 Intelligibility of Indian English Globally
Chapter-5 Problems of Teaching And Learning English Literature
Unit-1 Problems of Teaching and Learning English Literature
Unit-2 The March of TELI in India
Unit-3 Role and Function of TELI in the Contemporary Context
Unit-4 English Teaching in India
Unit-5 The Lie of the Land: English in India
Unit-6 Publishing in India and English Studies
Chapter-6 Questioning the ‘Canon’
Unit-1 Questioning the Canon, Ideology and Assumptions of the Canon
Unit-2 The Rise of English and Issues Concerning the Canon
Unit-3 Possibilities of New Agreements
Unit-4 Exploding English: Criticism, Theory and Culture
Unit-5 The Crisis in English Studies
Unit-6 Resistance to Reading and the Question of Material Base

Chapter-7 Evolutions of Canons in Indian English Writing
Unit-1 Canon Making in the Era of Gandhi, Nehru, Socialism
Unit-2 Tagore, Premchand, Mulk Raj Anand and Raja Rao
Unit-3 Feminism: Indian English Writers
Unit-4 The Dalit Canon
Chapter-8 Decolonising The Mind
Unit-1 Orientalism And After
Unit-2 Literature and Nationalism
Unit-3 Decolonising the Mind
Unit-4 Civilisational Conflicts in Literature
Unit-5 Resisting Colonisation and Re-Colonisation
1. Solution Paper - June 2007
2. Solution Paper - June 2008
3. Solution Paper - Dec 2008
4. Solution Paper - June 2009
5. Solution Paper - Dec 2009
6. Question Paper - June 2010
7. Question Paper - Dec 2010
8. Question Paper - June 2011
9. Question Paper - Dec 2011
10. Solution Paper - June 2012
11. Solution Paper - Dec 2012
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No.of Pages:324
Author: KapilaGogiaChugh
ISBN : 978-93-81690-67-3.

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