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Cellosize QP 4400H

Cellosize QP 4400H
CELLOSIZE™ QP 4400H hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) is a medium molecular weight cellulosic polymer useful for general thickening applications, and is used primarily as a latex paint thickener. The excellent rheological properties of CELLOSIZE QP 4400H HEC in solution make it an ideal thickener in premium quality latex paints, giving paints with good flow and leveling characteristics. The typical use levels of CELLOSIZE QP 4400H HEC in latex paints are between 5 and 7 pounds per 100 gallons. In household thickening applications, the typical concentration of CELLOSIZE QP 4400H HEC varies between 1 and 2% by weight. CELLOSIZE QP 4400H HEC is one of Dow’s most popular general-purpose HEC thickeners.

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