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Telephone Cable Wiring

Telephone Cable Wiring
Technical Specification:

The Range Specifications
As per IS :14255
L.T.XLPE Aerial Bunched Cables
1cX16+25 up to 3cX95+70
As Per IS:7098(part-1)1998:

(A) 1.1 KV Grade XLPE insulated power Cables with Copper/Aluminium Conductor Armoured/Anarmoured

(B) 1.1 KV Grade XLPE insulated Control Cables with Copper Conductor

(C) L.T. Mining Cables

Single core upto 1000

Multiple upto 630
Upto 61 cores of 1.5/2.5

Double Round Steel Wire/Strip Armoured.
As Per IS:1554(Part-I) 1998:

(A) 1.1 KV Grade Power Cables with Copper/Aluminum Conductor Armoured/unarmoured

(B) 1.1 KV Grade power Cables with Copper Conductor

(C) L.T.Mining Cables

Single Core upto 1000
Multicore upto 500 4 core.

Upto 61 cores of 1.5/2.5

Double Round Steel Wire/Strip Armoured
As Per IS:1554(Part-I)1998:

(A) PVC insulated sheathed/Unsheathed Copper/Aluminum Conductor Cables

(B) PVC Insulated Sheathed/Unshaeathed Flexible Copper Conductor Cables

(C) Pvc Insulated and Sheathed/UnsheathedFlexible Copper Conductor Cables

Single Core upto 630
Multicore upto 500 4 core

Single core upto 240
Multicore upto 50 4 core

Single/Multocore upto 120
As per IS:9537(Part-3) 1983:

(A) PVC Rigid Conduit Pipe and Accesssories

From 20 mm. upto 50mm.
As Per S/WS-113C:

PVC insulated PVC sheathed Annealed Tinned

Copper Armoured/Unarmoured, Taped/Untaped Telephone Awitchboard Pair Cables.

Upto 100 Pairs of 0.51mm.

Upto 61 cores/100 Pairs
Multicore Flexible Copper Conductor Cables Armoured/Unarmoured, Shielded/Screened From 0.25sq. mm. to 4
Upto 61 cores/100 Pairs
Tailor Made Cables to suit specific Customer requirements and specifications  
Railway Signalling Cables

Axle Counter Cables




2cX1.5 sq mm. upto 30cX1.5

2cX2.5 4cX2.5

2cX4.00 upto 4cX4.00

4 Quad Dry

4 Quad Jelly upto 6 Quad Jelly

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