Last Updated: 30 Mar, 2012

Bio Pesticide

Bio Pesticide

As the name indicate fighter is a product that ensures instant controls on variety of problems through which a plant undergoes. To manufacture these fighters, the chemicals are extracted directly from the roots of bio-medicinal plants. These fighters are very effective in various types of disease control of crops like heliothis, dung beetle, green worm, fruit borer, shoot borer, army worms, american boll worms, pod borers and cut worms. Known for effective functionality, these fighters develops bio-stimulant characteristics of plants, which can be easily witnessed by feeling the softness on plants leaves. These fighters show effective response to crop such as, helps in developing bio-stimulant in the plants resulting in leaves softness. Fighters are only recommended for various crops like flower gardens, ground nut and maize, red gram, chilly, bengal gram, cotton, fruit gardens, black gram vegetables, and tobacco with the dosage of 2ml/liter water.




  • Trustworthy
  • Long lasting effect
  • Best quality chemical

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