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Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are wheels 'cast' from a mixture of aluminum instead of steel, making the tyres light weight even though they’re usually larger in size than the factory fitted steel wheels. The aluminum helps dissipating heat and small amounts of more rigid metals whose presence in the 'mix' provides rigidity and helps prevent cracks propagating. Tyres Advantages of alloy wheels are: • Aesthetic value ( beauty , elegance and a sporty look ) • A variety of designs to choose according to ones taste • Enhanced cooling of disks and drums • Less prone to bending and deformations , hence improved balance retention • Superior rigidity improves cornering , lateral stability , better steering & handling • Light weight ( hence low unsprung weight ) resulting in lower inertia being imparted to the springs while riding over a bump • Better braking ( wheel hop under traction is reduced ) • Longer tyre life because of better heat dissipation (alloy wheels are better conductor of heat) • Reduced and even tyre wear because alloy wheel is invariable and perfectly true • No corrosion or rust since special aluminum alloys are used • Completely air tight hence perfectly suitable for modern tubeless tyres

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