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Digital Signatures Services

Digital Signatures Services
Digital Certificates
Digital Certificates tailored to address various needs of the market are used for the purposes like secure authentication, signing documents or transactions, etc. Digitally signed documents or transactions have legal validity in any Indian court of law as per the Indian IT Act 2000, provided they have been signed via a Digital Signature Certificate issued by a licensed Certifying Authority in India. 

Virtual malls, electronic banking, and other electronic services are becoming more commonplace, offering the convenience and flexibility of round-the-clock service direct from your home. However, your concerns about privacy and security might be preventing you from taking advantage of this new medium for your personal business. Encryption alone is not enough, as it provides no proof of the identity of the sender of the encrypted information. Without special safeguards, you are at risk of being impersonated online. Digital Certificates address this problem, providing an electronic means of verifying someone's identity. Used in conjunction with encryption, Digital Certificates provide a more complete security solution, assuring the identity of all parties involved in a transaction. 

Different type of Digital certificates are : 

Class II certificate
Chartered Accountant /Company Secretary /Individuals for signing e-returns; Filing of e-TDS returns . This certificate is used by 

Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary & Advocates.

Banks & Financial Institutions.

Employers (Companies can directly file returns for their employees).

Individuals To furnish their return of income as per the Notification from Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).

Benefits of Filing e-Returns

Ease of filing returns / e-TDS returns.

Immediate Feedback, from the system for incorrect transmission of data.

Reduces time for correction and resubmission hassles.

Provisional system generated confirmation receipt.

The e-Return/ e-TDS returns shall be processed on priority basis.

Class 2 Certificate (Safe Exim)
Safe Exim Digital Certificate is exclusively by the EXIM community of India. Organizations / people who have obtained a valid IEC can obtain safe Exim digital Certificate. It is mandatory to have Safe Exim Digital Signature to be able to communicate with DGFT online. Safe Exim Digital Signature gives them irrefutable identity, confidentiality of communication, ease of operations and faster processes in obtaining licenses from DGFT. 

RCAI Class 3 Certificate - Standard : This can be used by Individuals for signing of documents or electronic transcations. 

RCAI Class 3 Certificates – With Org Name : This can be used by Individuals for signing of documents or electronic transcations. 

SSL Digital Certificates
SSL certificates are used to Secure your Web site and get strong internet security, authenticate online business and encrypt sensitive data. 

The Secure Sockets Layer protects data transferred over http using encryption enabled by a server's SSL Certificate. An SSL Certificate contains a public key and a private key. A public key is used to encrypt information and a private key is used to decipher it. When a browser points to a secured domain, an SSL handshake authenticates the server and the client and establishes an encryption method and a unique session. key. 

To protect against any fraud and phishing sites, Web visitor looks for evidence of encryption and third-party authentication of the Web site’s business identity.

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