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Last Updated: 1 Aug, 2011

Ultrasonic Pest / Rat / Rodent Repellent

Ultrasonic Pest / Rat / Rodent Repellent
" The Instrument is an advanced electronic device that protects you without being noticed and leaving the air that you breath free from any odor. 
" It sets you free from Rats, Birds, roaches, Fleas etc. with imperceptible ultrasounds. It diffuses ultrasounds at a wide range that cannot be audible for humans. The working frequency varies automatically to avoid an addicting phenomenon and disturbing pest different species. 
" No Toxic Chemicals or messy traps. 
" It is completely safe and clean. 
" The device is ultrasonic pest controlling system with multi frequency modulated sound. 
" It is effective in controlling Birds, Rats, roaches, fleas etc.
Application Area:
For Factory, Warehouse, Farms, Food Processing & storage, Drugs Stores, Ships, Boats, Restaurants, Shops, Stores, Hospitals, Clinics, Computer Rooms

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