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CLC Foam Concrete Light Weight Bricks

CLC Foam Concrete Light Weight Bricks
We are the leading manufacturer of CLC / foam concrete Blocks Machinery. We set up CLC Plants all over India.

 About Us

Nanolite Infratech Private Limited takes the privilige of introducing as the leading manufacturer of Cellular Light Weight (CLC) bricks / blocks and its machinery Supported by a state-of-the-art technology and in-depth proficiency.

 Supported by a state-of-the-art technology and in-depth proficiency, we take great pride in introducing ourselves as a leading manufacturer and exporter of Light Weight Bricks and its Machinery.

We also provide highly reliable and cost effective services like execution of turnkey jobs, right from design to commencement, as well as offering technical solutions to meet customer specifications

Managed by a group of entrepreneurs who have years of experience behind them, we are a highly professionally managed concern, with client satisfaction rooted in the values prescribed by the company. Through our quality products, on-time delivery and competitive prices, we have achieved an unprecedented level of goodwill, spreading not just in the national market, but also in the international market.

Today we are at the fore front of new technologies and make supplies in India and abroad.With our dynamism, our Inventiveness and our ambition we not only constantly increase the range of products but we have completely adopted international methods of manufacturing, especially after bringing total package solution to set up light weight brick manufacturing and Fal-G industry. Moreover we put considerable amount of time and effort into the development of New Technologies For Example (Green Concrete That Uses no cement, Low Cost Eco Homes ..) which will be launched into the market shortly. We have a powerful Research & Technology base and we have been achieving excellence in any aspect of our activity. Today we are proud to be smart & thriving company. Our collaboration with worlds leading Universities and Research Laboratories help in keeping up with new developments.


Nanolite Cellular Lightweight Concrete Bricks are produced by adding millions of Micro-Sized air bubbles into a cement based mixture. The addition of millions of air bubbles is achieved by using a Proprietary Foam Generator to produce highly stable and injecting the Foam directly into a concrete mixer containing a sand/ cement/ fly ash/ water slurry.

The amount of cement,sand(if included),water.Fly-Ash and foam included in the Light weight Cellular concrete mix design depends on the required properties(i.e.strength,thermal conductivity or durability).Also,depending on the required CLC density and variance,an appropriate mixer is selected.

The hardened material consists of small-enclosed air bubbles thereby resulting in a light weight stable cellular material with densities ranging from as low 300kg/m3 to 1800Kg/m3. The Hardened Material Consists Of Small-Enclosed Air Bubbles Thereby Resulting In A Lightweight Stable Cellular Material With Densities Ranging From As Low 300kg/M3 To 1800 Kg/M3.

Good Curing gives strength and dimensional stability to Bricks.Bricks are cured either by air curing or high-pressure steam curing procedure.Because of great-Engineered properties, NANOLITE Bricks have become popular in wide range of applications in construction sector.


High Thermal Insulation Good Sound Insulation Reduction of Dead Load Fire Protection Enhances Carpet Area Other Advantages of Nanolite:
  • Nanolite offers economical POP or putty finish in internal partition walls.
  • Accurate size and shapes help in reducing plastering costs.
  • Better finishing of walls offers good amount of reduction in paints.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Speedier Constructions.
  • Ease of Workability.
  • Universal Acceptability.

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