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Redox Flow Battery Technology

Redox Flow Battery Technology

A redox flow battery is a type of electrochemical storage device that can be designed very flexibly for high power applications as well for high-capacity electricity storage. A flow battery is charged and discharged by a reversible reduction-oxidation reaction between the two liquid electrolytes of the battery. These electrolytes are not stored in the power cell of the battery as in a conventional battery, but in separated storage tanks. During operation these electrolytes are pumped through a stack of power cells, in which a chemical redox reaction takes place and electricity is produced. Due to this storage of the electrolytes outside the reactor, the power and the energy content of the system can be specified separately. To increase capacity, it is easy to increase the volume of electrolyte. Moreover, the design of the power cell can be optimized for the power rating needed, as this is independent of the amount of electrolyte stored
Deeya Energy’s flow batteries are engineered for high performance at low cost, with features such as

Low cost, non-toxic iron-chromium aqueous chemistry
Low-cost separator/membrane
Innovative control of reaction rates & balances
Integrated electronics for control and power conditioning
Remote control and data monitoring

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