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Blue Water Ionizer

Blue Water Ionizer

Scaling new heights in the respective industry, we are providing Blue Water Ionizer. Ensuring that our customers are benefited from our product, this is 100% natural. Valued for health benefits, the offered product tap water into ionized water that is good for consumption and also produces acidic water for our external body usage. Fabricated at our highly developed infrastructure unit, we make use of optimum quality input and sophisticated technology.



  • Blue water was produced by natural process - the process separate water positive and negative ion in a natural way by electrolysis.  Ionized water is living water. All electrons in water either spin to the left or the right. High speed of the left spin of electrons is considered to substantiate that the water is vital and alive. Only ionized water has this quality
  • Blue water ionizer does not supplement water with external mineral stone cartridge and no additive of chemical
  • Blue water produces high ph level of water up to ph 10. A higher ph in the body reduces the need for fat and cholesterol to protect the body from damaging acids.
  • Blue water alkalinity of water quality can last more than a year
  • Blue water low in orp (oxidation-reduction potential) - micro-clusters with abundance of electrons make it a powerfully liquid anti-oxidant. Antioxidants reduce cellular and dna damage caused by free radicals that circulating throughout the body, thus allow the natural healing processes of the body to predominate, slow down the aging process more effective then vitamin c because of its smaller molecular size


  • Blue water beside good for human consumption, it is also very good for farming, agriculture, water source for feed stock. Ionized water resemblance the original source of water that present million years ago where water is not polluted. This will provide healthy growth for plants and animal


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