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Delta Solar Water Heater

Delta Solar Water Heater
Product Offer Active Since:13 Sep, 2011 
We offer a wide range of Delta Solar Water Heater which is suitable for all kinds of hot water applications. Solar water heaters are manufactured using premium quality raw material and are available in the markets at competitive prices. This heater gathers radiation from the sun, converts it into heat energy which is conducted to the cold water and then makes it hot. Further, this hot water is kept in a well insulated stainless steel tank.

Other Details:

  • High efficiency with 93% absorption
  • Unlike flat plates solar the tubes can be cleaned easily from inside
  • Scales can be easily removed in case of hard water
  • Powder coated outer tank with PUF insulation ensures
  • Low conduction and convection losses to atmosphere
  • Powder coted stand to give more strength & life
  • Low cost and long life
  • Excellent service back up

Unique advantages of Delta Solar:

  • Best insulation is provided by evacuated glass tubes.
  • Works on the principle of natural Thermosyphon Circulation
  • The system is being commercially used since last 10 years
  • By a number of nations like USA, Japan, Germany
  • Australia, Spain and many others
  • Government of India (MNRE) have approved the product
  • ETC & decided to promote its use throughout our country


Collerctor Size1 m X 2 m.
Collector fin materialCopper with black
chrome (Nalson Cotting)
Bond beween fin & tubeUltrasonic welded
Header & footer
pipe material
ReflectorAluminum foil
InsulatinRock wool/Glasswool
Glazing4mm thick Toughened
Tempered glass

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