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Munoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Rice Husk Gas Stove

 - Munoz

Rice Husk Gas Stove

Offering Rice Husk Gas Stove 14-D, :


A bigger version of the RHGS 12 D. This model provides household with a much powerful power output compared to the previous model published. Coupled with a bigger diameter reactor and fan. This unit will enable you to boil, cook and fry, faster than the previous model. Still, even though it is designed to be bigger, we have tried our best to put its price cheaper and affordable. this stove is determined to provide us, with an alternative way of cooking, business opportunities and cleaner environment. From saving your money to prolonging your LPG consumption, this stove is basically your ally during this economic crisis.
1.?? Less carbon emission
2.?? Utilize rice husk agri-waste
3. Soot-less cooking
4. Controllable flame
5. Earn P400 per unit by selling and distributing the product
6. Financial saving advantage
7. Prolongs your LPG consumption
8. Cheaper and handy compared to other rice husk stoves
LBC 1 day shipment anywhere in the Philippines
**For international buyer / customer shipment will be shouldered by you.
For orders and inquiry please contact us.

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