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Agni Gas Saving Device

Agni Gas Saving Device

Conserve LPG Gas
You Can cut Down on your LPG Gas Bills and also Contribute to the LPG Gas conservation which is a National and Global Need of Today The Working of SSM Device is Based on Atomic level. Here the Molecules of the LPG gas realigns. According to the applied oscillating Neoboran Flux Field, the LPG Gas Molecules get Completely Mixed with oxygen. Hence it Reaches near complete Combustion. Thus it Saves LPG Gas as well as Time. By using this device, we can save LPG Gas Consumption ranging from 25% to 41%.
Installation Procedure
1. Make sure that all the burner taps are closed.
2. Switch off the gas cylinder valve and remove the regulator unit from the cylinder.
3. Remove the rubber tube from the burner and fit at one end of SSM Agni unit marked 'IN'.
4. Fit the 4" long rubber tube with its one end connected to the gas saver and the other with the burner.
5. Secure the rubber tube upto the ends of brass nipples, on both the sides of the gas saver.
6. Fix the regulator to the gas cylinder.
7. Switch on the gas cylinder valve.
8. Check all the points for gas leakage with soap water solution. Ensure that there is no leakage of gas.
9. Congratulations! You have installed SSM Agni which will save upto 41% of your cooking gas; month after month; year after year.
India's one and only gas saver officially tested and certified by a reputed and qualified laboratory
For cooking gas LPG / CNG / LNG (Piped Gas)
IS-319 Engineering Grade All Brass body
Elegant body, Improves thermal Efficiency
Reduces maintenance of the burners
Ready to use simple no maintenance
Eco - Friendly product

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