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When preparing small quantities of new products homogenisation is often a vital operation required at some stage of the process. Until now suitable small scale equipment has not been available and product development technicians have been unable to reproduce the full scale process in the laboratory. The Armfield Homogeniser fulfills the need for a laboratory size unit to permit small batches to be processed and evaluated before proceeding to full scale production design and operation. It permits reproducible tests to be carried out using only a few litres of food material.

Easy to use
> Economical 
> Small processing samples ease the disposal of waste

The FT9 homogeniser has been designed to complement the other processing equipment in the Armfield miniature scale R&D range. It is particularly useful for disintegrating fat globules in milk, ice cream and UHT dairy products. The unit can also be used for salad creams and sauces. The double action of the homogeniser valve causes the mixture under pressure to be subjected to shear and compressive forces between the valve faces and impinge violently against the walls of the chamber, ensuring thorough dispersion. Results of performance using whole milk gave homogenisation indexes of 5%. This index refers to testing homogenised product for fat content at the top and bottom of a sample and comparing the difference. Normal standards require an index of less than 12%.

Hardened stainless steel is used for the cylinder block which contains the valve and positive displacement piston, also of hardened stainless steel.

The homogeniser is driven by an integral electric motor and gearbox and is supplied complete with pressure gauge, tools for maintenance and 4.5 litre stainless steel feed tank of hygienic design.

A pressure safety valve is incorporated in the valve assembly.

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