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Steady Rest for CNC Lathe

Steady Rest for CNC Lathe

Steady rest for CNC


Arms self centering steady rests are specially designed to get the optimum result in automatic holding of cylindrical jobs. Arms steady rests provide best centering accuracy& repeatability in microns .Arms self centering steady rests can be used as replacement of any other models of self centering steady rests due to interchangeability in mounting dimensions . Arms steady rests are hydraulically operated and can be interfaced with the cnc system, save the setting time and give better productivity. The special rollers used in Arms steady rests help for running the job in high rpm and give best surface finish . The body& parts of arms steady rests are well heat treated and provide good life.


  • Machining of Long Slender Shafts
  • Automatic Holding of Jobs In CNC Turning Machines.
  • Crank Shaft Machining
  • For Grinding Applications

Salient Features

  • The Steady Rest Can Be Used For Any Machine Including CNC Lathes With a Suitable Bracket
  • The Steady Can Also Be Used As A Travelling Steady Hence No Need Of A Follower Rest !!!
  • Repeatability Is Within 5 Microns !!!!!!!!

Working principle

The steady rest consists of 3 arms assembled in a steel body with rollers at the arms for holding the work piece. The centre one brings the other two arms in a circular movement to hold the center of the work piece .This helps to get the repeatability and consistency in getting the centering accuracy The centre arm is operated by a hydraulic cylinder. The job holding rollers are lubricated through centralized lubricating system.

Types of steady rests

  • Hydraulic Self Centering Steady rest with rear mounted cylinder
  • Hydraulic Self Centering Steady rest with side mounted cylinder
  • Pneumatic Self Centering Steady rest
  • Self Centering Steady rest with servo control
  • Hydraulic Self Centering Steady rest for grinding.
  • Hydraulic Self Centering steady rest for crank shaft grinding
  • Hydraulic Self Centering steady rest for crank shaft turning
  • Hydraulic Self Centering steady rest for cam shafts
  • Hydraulic Self Centering steady rest for special purpose

Standard range of turning steady rest are the following


Model no.

Diameter range

Model no.

Diameter range


4 to 64mm


125to 460mm


8 to 101mm


200 to530mm


12 to152mm

AAU 7.1

230to 630mm

AAU 3.1

20to 165mm


300 to 750mm




400 to 850mm


45to 310mm

AAU 10

500 to 950mm

AAU 5.1

85to 350mm

AAU 10.1

600 to 1100mm


How ever the steady rest can be designed as per customer’s requirement


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