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Siemens (Flender) Gearbox

Siemens (Flender) Gearbox

Gear Designation B28 ...38 / K38 ...K188
Typical Application Areas Crane technology Airport technology Storage technology
Nominal gear torque Up to 20,000 Nm Up to 177,000 in-lbs
Maximum motor power (50Hz) Maximum motor power (60Hz) 200 kW, 300 HP
Number of gear sizes 10
Number of ratios 2-/3-stage
Number of ratios double gears 5-/6-stage
Gear ratio single-stage
Gear ratio 2/3-stage 3.57 ... 307.24
Gear ratio double gear 181....60,115
Sector-specific solutions* Mixer variant Extruder variant Variant for electric monorail overhead conveyors

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