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Autoclavable Boxes

Autoclavable Boxes
Autoclavable Boxes

• Durable - All Stainless Steel
• Easy to Use
• Optimum Cleaning Action
• 5 Year Guarantee

Sterilization Cassettes eliminate the need to repeatedly disassemble and re-assemble procedure kits every time your instruments are sterilized.

Organized Procedure Kits Save Time…
Standardizing and color coding your procedure kits will simplify and reduce instrument processing time. 
Procedure times will be improved with a systematic approach to your instrumentation. 

A Safer Way to Handle Instruments…
Eliminating the need to handle sharp instruments during the sterilization process will reduce the risk of injury for your staff and protect your instruments from premature dulling and failure. 

Improve Your Bottom Line…

- The initial investment in Our Sterilization Cassettes is quickly recovered 
- Reduced Processing Time
- Reduced Procedure Time 
- Reduced Instrument Replacement Cost - Due to Dull, Broken Instruments.

Payment Terms : L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer)

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