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Milk Data Collection Machine

Milk Data Collection Machine

We provide latest version of milk collection machine to milk processing units and other allied organization. The milk collection developed by us is easy to use and understand. Milk collection finds wide application in milk collecting dairies including rural areas. With the help of milk collection machine you can connect to measure fat content, lacto content, snf, and weighing scale etc. Our milk collection machine assists in fully automated calculation of cost as per purity of a milk, sale of milk, accounts receivable and payable and many other related transactions.In dairy industries with software keeping the smallest need and requirement of the farmer from the village and dairy for collection of milk it is also efficient in keeping records, data analysis.


You can record the data in our machine and download to your computer with the help of cable


Reports generated from  milk collection machine

  • Operator Wise Reports
  • Product Wise Reports
  • Bill Summary
  • Erased Records Reports

Milk Data Collection Machine Specification

  • CPU :   Advanced Micro controller based system with the latest hardware technology with  8 bit/16 bit/32 bit processor flash memory.
  • Flash  data memory : In built 4 MB flash memory expandable up to 8 MB ,16 MB,.Data preservation in the E.T.I.M.flash memory for more than 10 years.
  • Display: Graphic LCD Display with minimum 128 x 64 pixel backlit.Capability to display graphic images 20 chrs by 4 lines and 20 chrs by 8 lines
  • Keypad: 30 key alphanumeric(silicon rubber),keyboard with legends with minimum capability of 1 million operations.
  • Thermal printer: 384 dot Per line,Ultra fast 2 inch thermal printer with 50mm/sec speed or more for fast ticketing.
  • Charger: A.C.Intelligent charger-working from 140 to 280 V.BUS charges for E.T.I.M. s to used battery power in the vehicles.
  • Weight: E.T.I.M weight less than 750 gm

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