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Phoenix Height Weight BMI(Body Mass Index) Machine

Phoenix Height Weight BMI(Body Mass Index  ...

PBMI-200 utilizes state-of-the-art technology comprising of high quality steel alloy load cell, sturdy and attractive looking mechanical structure, ultrasonic sensors for measuring height accurately combining with the latest Micro controller technology. With its light self weight, ease of operation and high efficiency, it becomes an ideal choice for hospitals, schools, physical examination centers, health clubs, gymnasiums etc.



Weighing Capacity

200 Kg

Weighing Accuracy

100 g

Height Range 

50 to 200 cm 

Height Accuracy

0.5 cm

Platform Size

360 x 300 mm

Self weight 

28 kg (approximately) 

Self height 

250 cm 

Operating temperature 

0°c to 50°c 

Power supply 

230 V A.C., + 10%, -20%, 50 Hz + 2% 

Main features :

  • Automatically measures weight, height & body mass index accurately & rapidly.
  • Displays weight, height & Body Mass Index.
  • It also displays, simultaneously, how much over / under weight you are.
Print Format of BMI Machine:-



Date: 15-06-09

Time: 14:23:55

Weight: 63.9 kg

Height: 180.5 cm

BMI: 19.6



If you are Male

Under wt By: 6.1 kg

If you are Female

You are Healthy





1. Over: This LED glows when weight of person is higher than Normal BMI.

2. Normal: This LED glows when weight of the person is normal.

3. Under: This LED glows when weight of the person is less than Normal BMI.

4. Male: This LED glows when Male Gender is selected.

5. Female: This LED glows when Female Gender is selected.


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