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Bio Pesticide

Bio Pesticide
It is a unique organic research product which immediately controls all kind of caterpillars, DBM, stem borers etc.

It is safe to use on various crops as it does not have any residue or side effects. This is used on following crops :

Floriculture crops : Gerbera Roses Carnation Marigold Aster
Fruit Crops : Grapes Mango Pomegranate Strawberry Citrus
Vegetable Crops : Brinjal Tomato Capsicum Chilly Watermelon

Cucumber Bhendi Onion

Usage :

  • Whole plant and both sides of the leaves are sprayed with crab-80  1 ml./per Lt. water.
  • For excellent result, the prepared solution should be sprayed at early morning or at the time of sunset.
  • Use Apace(sticker & technical spreader)  0.5ml per Lt. water along with Flora guard for better result.

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