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Building Automation Systems

Building Automation Systems

With rising energy costs, investments in building automation -- including HVAC, lighting controls, building access and security systems -- can yield permanent energy savings and other cost reductions.


  • Save on Utilities with Energy Management Systems: Industrial Automation Controls, LLC, seeks peak energy efficiency for new and existing buildings. We can install state-of-the-art energy management systems that can monitor and control a variety of parameters including temperature, humidity and elements of air quality. At the same time, they give building supervisors and property managers a cohesive view with reports that can inform even greater fine-tuning. Energy Management Systems can integrate into corporate-wide MIS and allow building operations to be managed from anywhere within your facility -- or from anywhere in the world. To maximize savings, we review existing energy use and management systems, and prioritize opportunities for improvement. Our primary focus is on top-level control of HVAC equipment and lighting systems because these typically offer the greatest opportunities for savings. Upgrades to automated controls can yield significant reductions in energy costs.
  • Automated Lighting Systems: Adding automated controls to existing lighting systems can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year. Automation includes programmable timers and logic control, and may include motion sensors and other monitoring equipment to further cut costs. Timing logic may include controls that automatically reduce power during peak energy demand when utility costs are highest. Lighting costs can also be lowered with upgraded high-lumen, fluorescent and LED light fixtures designed to maximize output while only sipping power.
  • Improved HVAC Controls: Lowering indoor air temperature by just one degree can save an estimated 1-2% on heating and cooling commercial building space. At the same time, apparent temperature and indoor comfort can be maintained through proper air flow and humidity control. Automated damper systems can improve natural ventilation and air circulation to help eliminate building hot spots (or cold spots) that waste energy. Based on our analysis, we can also make a variety of other fuel-saving recommendations to help reduce operating costs. By developing more efficient systems that reduce energy consumption, material waste and pollution, we
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring: Specialized environmental sensors can detect particulates, irritants, and other chemical and environmental pollutants. These may include CO, VOCs and ozone that may be generated by industrial processes, boilers and furnaces, or other equipment. We can improve HVAC systems with indoor air quality and plant safety with monitoring equipment and alarms to help meet emerging indoor air quality and Green Building requirements, including Green Building guidelines established by the U.S. Green Building Council. AI Control is an independent supplier of quality-direct digital control/building automation systems. Our solutions may include customized energy management software and equipment from strategic partners and quality vendors. Also help our clients green the environment.


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