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Y-PGA ( Gama Poly Glutamic Acid) Cosmetic Grade

Y-PGA ( Gama Poly Glutamic Acid) Cosmetic ...


γ-PGA and its Hydrogel application on Cosmetics and Beauty Care


1.    Long-lasting moisture retain, help the skin against the drying environment



2.  Increase the elasticity of the skin, enhance skin smoothness and delicate touch



3.    Inhibition of skin melanin production



4.    Maintain the PH value to keep skin healthy



5.    Build a sustained release delivery system, make the skin more efficient for absorption of nutrients in a variety of skin care products

6.  Increase hair fastness after hair coloring



7.  Increase hair strength, reduce split ends fracture



8.  Improve the combing of the hair



9.    Inhibit skin melanin generation




0.5% γ-PGA Na/HM

1% Kojic Acid

1% Vit-C

Rate of melanin inhibition%









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