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Last Updated: 7 Apr, 2015

Sapat Lotion

Sapat Lotion
A non-greasy, non-staining, fungicidal skin lotion which destroys the parasites from the root and gives the sufferer quick relief. Sapat Lotion is used by millions over 100 years; has proved its efficiency on ringworm, itch, dry eczema and fungus infection of the skin. Sapat Lotion with an instant evaporating base containing active fungicidal and antiseptic ingredients has a virtue of quick penetration even through hairy region. Thus it produces a powerful and instantaneous action, without disturbing or irritating the normal skin. Sapat Lotion can be safely used in the treatment of ring worms, itch, intense scratching, dry eczema, fungus infection of painful fissures between the toes and fingers, Tinea Pedis and Tinea Cruris, shoe-bite,, corn, dishcloth, bees and insect bite, Prurigi lichen, Impetigo.

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