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Anaesthesia Ventilator Mx10al

Anaesthesia Ventilator Mx10al
Product Offer Active Since:4 Jul, 2012 
  • Easy to operate

  • Compatible with anaesthesia machine

  • Standalone-no need of driving gas

  • Portable

  • Suitable for use in ambulance

  • Ultra low operating cost

  • Low maintenance

  • Excellent for use in operation theater

  • Thousands of satisfied customers

  • Low cost of ownership




Operational Parameters

Operating Principle

Time Cycled,Volume Adjustable



Breaths per minute


Tidal Volume

50-1100 cc

Max. Inspiratory pressure

60 cm H2O

Flow Pattern

Constant Flow

I:E Ratio

4:1 – 1:4

Patient Safety

Adjustable pressure Release valve

Electrical Supply

Input Supply

184-264 V A.C 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

50 VA

Physical Specifications



485 [L] x 290 [W] x 250 [H] mm


13 kgs.

Alarms [Audio/Visual]

Ventilot Malfunction

Patient Disconnection

Excessive Inlet Gas Flow

Insufficient Inlet Gas Flow

High Inspiratory Pressure [adjustable 0-50 cm H2O

Low Inlet Volume

Power Failure


Basic Breathing Circuit Set [Single Use]

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