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Strut Clamp, Pipe Clamp, Channel Pipe Strap, Conduit Clamp

Strut Clamp, Pipe Clamp, Channel Pipe Strap  ...

Quick  installation design. Used for parallel piping mounted on channel. Single or multiple runs of pipe and cable are secured easily and economically by JIKA strut pipe straps.

In the racking of multiple runs, JIKA strut pipe straps are designed to be quickly twist inserted at any pint along the open slot of JIKA strut channel (JSC) and cantilever arms (JCA) and bolted closed over the conduit, pipe or tubing by a single screw.

There are no holes to drill and position adjustment is made simple by sliding the strap along the channel slot. The pipes or conduits can be spaced with complete freedom, as close as conduit couplings permit.

Some unique features of the straps include:

-bolt head is combination slot / recess hex head machine screw for multi-driver flexibility of attachment

- square nut is captivated on the shoulder for easy one-handed tightening. Provides fast and simple installation. Only on – pipe or conduit sizes are shown on the strap for easy identification.

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