Last Updated: 26 Oct, 2013

Dentsply Protaper Endodontic Rotary File

Dentsply Protaper Endodontic Rotary File

ProTaper® Universal Rotary Files

With their patented, progressive taper design and system-based efficiency, ProTaper® Universalrotary files are synonymous with exceptional performance. Expanded and enhanced, the files now offer more of the efficiency, flexibility and precision you want for successful procedures.

In general, as few as three ProTaper Universal files are needed to achieve a fully tapered canal exhibiting a uniform shape. And now, you can achieve these shapes with more precision and safety. The difference is a more rounded tip on all ProTaper Universal finishing files and improved flexibility on the larger finishing files that enable them to precisely follow the canal anatomy

Payment Terms : T/T (Bank Transfer),Western Union
Packaging Details : Size Color Length 19 21 25 31 Shaping X N/A PTURSX19 NA NA NA Shaping 1 Purple NA PTURS121 PTURS125 PTURS131 Shaping 2 White NA PTURS221 PTURS225 PTURS231 Finishing 1 Yellow NA PTURF121 PTURF125 PTURF131 Finishing 2 Red NA PTURF221 PTURF225 PTURF231 Finishing 3 Blue NA PTURF321 PTURF325 PTURF331 Finishing 4 Black NA PTURF421 PTURF425 PTURF431 Finishing 5 Yellow NA PTURF521 PTURF525 PTURF531 Asstd. N/A NA PTURAS21 PTURAS25 PTURAS31

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