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Kamachi TMT Bars Rod - 500 & 500 D Grade

Kamachi TMT Bars Rod - 500 & 500 D  Grade
Kamachi TMT Bars
With a state of the art rolling mill technology, the Kamachi TMX comes from the First Private 0.5 mtpa integrated steel plant dedicated for TMT in South India. Our tagline, "Born to Build" is synonym with our commitment to deliver international quality steel and services never heard before, which also is an enviable part of our legacy. Other than these, your Kamachi TMX bars contain the following to make it the best for your dream Construction!!
  • Superior German Technology
  • With S-R-P (Seismic Resistant Properties) / earth quake resistant.
  • Rolling Mill which encompasses a horizontal / vertical configuration in its elevated floor level ensures a dust-free rolling, resulting in impeccable surface quality of the Bars
  • The State of the art rolling mill is built completely at the first floor level of 5 meters giving it a competitive edge having better cooling efficiency, better working environment and greater quality control over the product
  • Unique slit technology allows the production of three bars at a time. This can be achieved only if the raw material is of the highest quality! And we ensure it is!
  • Excellent strength and superior ductility
  • Kamachi TMX bars go beyond the requirement of ISI and match international quality standards to keep you safe!
  • Fully automated! From raw material feeding ⇒ Quality testing ⇒ Desired length* ⇒ Bundling, the whole process of producing Kamachi TMX is automated and takes place in a single compound with a continuous process ensuring unmatched quality levels!
  • Kamachi TMX is Strong and Green Steel as well. Waste Heat Recovery Boilers generate electricity from waste gases. The Project is also registered for Carbon Credit. Now be a part of a noble trend to reduce your carbon footprint!
  • More than a 1000 automation points need to sync and create one Kamachi TMX bar!
  • One among the few furnaces in South India to use an LRF(Liquid refining furnace) to ensure quality at the highest levels
  • These ensure that the civil structured created using Kamachi TMX bars will last a lifetime.
    *Upto 18 meters.

Payment Terms : T/T (Bank Transfer)
Delivery Time : Immediate
Packaging Details : 8mm - 12 pieces - 1 bundels 10mm - 7 pieces - 1 bundles 12mm - 5 pieces - 1 bundels 16mm - 3 pieces - 1 bundels 20mm - 2 pieces - 1 bundels 25mm - 1 piece - 1 bundels 32mm - 1 piece - 1 bundels

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